About Us

Welcome to the world of "CROWN TRUFFLES" and "CROWN CHOCOLATES"
also known as "CROWN JEWELS".


CHOCOLATE PKG. & MFG. CORP., located in Salt Lake City, UT, is the manufacturer of the "CROWN" product line. We have been making delicious MELT-A-WAY Truffles since 1992. Our new high speed equipment allows us to produce over 200,000 wrapped truffles in an 8 hour shift. We use our own special blend of high quality milk and dark chocolate to achieve a delicious, creamy soft center Truffle. They are flavored with Mint, Cherry, Orange and Raspberry for a very distinctive taste. We also offer a chocolate covered Creamy Caramel, solid chocolate with Peppermint pieces, solid chocolate with Toffee & Almond pieces and solid chocolate with Malted Milk pieces. Because of our high speed equipment and knowledge of the chocolate industry, we can offer these Truffles and Chocolates to you at a very reasonable price.


Bill Adams is President and founder of Chocolate Pkg. & Mfg. Corp. Born and raised in Santa Monica California, he attended Santa Monica High School and the University of Southern California. While at USC, he was a member of the 1967 National Championship Football Team and an active member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. After graduating with his Bachelor of Science Degree, he took a position with a National Candy Company and worked there until 1992. After 23 years in the Candy business, he decided to put the knowledge and skills he had acquired together and start his own Company. Over the last 15 years, Chocolate Pkg. & Mfg. Corp. has grown into a respected and prosperous business selling to several National chains.